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Fuck Pretending

Fuck Pretending

Eccedentesiast, wanderlust and athazagoraphobia. Be nice to me and I'll be nice to you it's pretty simple. Also I survived the Mishapocalypse.

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i am in the most glittery soft MERMAID STAR bath EVER !!!! mega hap

update : glitter everywhere .. there is glitter in my hair and it nevr even touched the water. everythin around me is sparkly…. this is the best nihgt evr

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"Girls are not machines that you put kindness coins into until sex falls out."


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oh my god she is a fucking boss

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taking selfies is a lot of work when you’re ugly

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Ladies I hope getting your nails done feels good because not a single man notices you got them done.


just maybe

women do some things for themselves and not just for men

what a concept

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the road to success is under construction

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"If you don’t get excited when you’re about to kiss someone then you probably shouldn’t be kissing them. It should get you riled up inside and should not be mediocre."

- Crazy Sexy Khool - ridiculouslyproper (via perfect)

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cant wait for natural selection to take out slow walkers 

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still the best gif ever

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The Barricade Boys during Red And Black.

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